(★BREAKING) Zico Leaves Block B and Seven Seasons, Plans On Making Solo Comeback in 2019

He is leaving Block B.

In an exclusive report, The Fact has reported that Zico will no longer be a part of Block B. An insider has told The Fact that Zico will be leaving Seven Seasons after spending 5 years with them, and 7 years with Block B.

“Recently, excluding Zico, the other 6 members of Block B have all re-signed their contracts with Seven Seasons. After thorough discussions and coordinating, the 6 members will continue their relationship with Seven Seasons.”

— Insider


Seven Seasons has confirmed the report, announcing Zico has left the group.

“We have recently come to an agreement to end our exclusive contract with Zico, who has been with us the past 5 years.

Because the enlistment times of the members vary, the members will focus on their individual and unit promotions.”

We are thankful to Zico, who was not only the leader of the group but also the producer, for working so hard. We wish him good luck on his new journey, and we will be cheering him on.”

 — Seven Seasons


For the time being, the 6 members (Taeil, B-Bomb, Jaehyo, U-Kwon, Park Kyung, P.O) will be focusing on individual activities instead of group promotions.


Zico will also take a short break to work on his own music, before planning on making his comeback as the artist “Zico” instead of “Block B’s Zico”. He does not have any specific timetables or plans yet.


Zico’s last promotions as part of Seven Seasons was his King of the Zungle world tour, and he has no more scheduled events as a part of Seven Seasons. This makes Block B’s comeback in January 2018 with Re:Montage their last official promotions as 7 members.

Source: Ilgan Sports

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