Zico Now Holds The Record For The Longest Perfect All-Kill On Charts With “Any Song”

He’s now the proud new holder of the record!

Zico has made a new record with his hit track, “Any Song”!

On January 28, Zico broke the record for the longest Perfect All-Kill (PAK) since the creation of the iChart, with 205 PAK in total!


He’s now the holder of this new record, beating out the previous holders, iKON, with their 2015 track “Love Scenario” (204 PAK).


Fans have been ecstatic for him!


Zico released the single “Any Song” on January 13, 2020. With the single, he managed to score an All-Kill upon its release, and won his first music show award for the song on January 28.


You can watch the MV here!

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