ZICO Revealed To Have Produced One Of The Concept Evaluation Tracks For Produce X 101

This isn’t his first time working with the Produce family.

According to broadcast officials, ZICO produced one of the concept evaluation songs for Mnet‘s Produce X 101. He produced a pop song called “움직여(MOVE)”.

This is not ZICO’s first time with the Produce family. He previously produced Kim Sejeong‘s “Flower Way”, and she debuted in Produce 101 Season 1‘s project group I.O.I. He also produced. He also worked on “Kangaroo” for Wanna One‘s Triple Position, Kang Daniel, Kim Jaehwan, and Park Woojin.

Choi Young Joon, a choreographer, and trainer on the show choreographed a powerful dance for the song. In episode seven of the show, National Producers were left on a cliffhanger during the teaser of the next episode when they showed the trainees cheering and one of the producers face was blurred. Turns out it was ZICO!

Source: Daum