Zico Reveals Which Song Brings Him The Most Money In Royalties

Zico has so many hits, but these make the most money!

Zico has been producing since his debut with BLOCK B in 2011. Over 7 years, he’s accumulated an impressive list of hits that he produced, composed, wrote, and/or sang!


He recently appeared on The Joy Of Conversation to reveal that out of his multiple hit songs, ‘Boys And Girls’ and ‘I Am You, You Are Me’ brings in the most money in terms of royalty!

“‘Boys And Girls’ and ‘I Am You, You Are Me’ have done the best out of all of the songs that I’ve released as Zico.”

— Zico


Most recently, Zico has been doing well in royalties thanks to his collaboration with Wanna One for ‘Kangaroo’! He believes the power of Wanna One made the song’s popularity even higher.

“If I could be humble… I recently wrote a song for Wanna One called ‘Kangaroo’. I was shocked [by the popularity].”

— Zico


But above all, Zico names his collaboration with WINNER‘s Mino, called ‘Okey Dokey’, as the song that hypes up his audience the most!

“The song where I can feel the success of the song is ‘Okey Dokey’. I can always feel it.”

— Zico


So what does Zico do with all the money he makes from royalties? He gives them all to his parents so that they can pay off their debt!

“I don’t think I spend a lot of money. I give all of my royalties to my parents until they can pay off their debt.

Our household wasn’t well-off.”

— Zico


Coming from a background where he constantly felt the need to provide for his family, Zico doesn’t find joy in materialistic possession but doing his best to create good music and giving back to his parents for all of their sacrifices.

“I always knew that we didn’t have enough. I grew up in a pressing situation without much financial freedom. That’s why I thought a lot – that I had to make money. I was caught in that mindset.

I don’t think I find much happiness in [buying luxurious possessions].”

— Zico


With such a humble and dedicated heart, it’s no wonder how Zico found so much success in producing!