Zico Reveals He Was Forced To Start Producing Songs Because Of His Agency’s Unfortunate Circumstance

And then he found out he was damn good at it!

During a recent interview, Zico opened up about why he began composing and producing his own songs. He confessed that he originally hadn’t planned on writing songs. He was only focused on being a performer.


But everything changed when his small agency hit rock bottom. BLOCK B had to release a new album to keep their momentum going but his agency hit rock bottom and all of their composers had left the company.


Stuck between two hard places, Zico decided he needed to revive his group with his own two hands.

To be honest, I didn’t have much desire to become a producer and create songs. But my agency wasn’t doing so well at the time and all of our composers had left. There was nowhere for us to get a song for the group.

We were contemplating about what to do. We had to send out an album right away. I thought, ‘Whatever, I’ll just have to make it myself.’

— Zico


He began composing potential songs for BLOCK B, and “NANRINA” was born!


The rest was history as he went on to become one of the top producers in the K-Pop industry! He’s got a long list of hit songs under his belt, some for BLOCK B, some for himself, and some for other famous artists!


When asked how he’s able to churn out hit songs one after another, he explained that it just happens. However, he’s hit a composer block for a while so he’s been on a journey to find it himself.

As they say, it just happens. But it’s been a while, so I’m trying to find it myself from inside of me.

— Zico


And find it, he did! Zico recently unveiled two new songs that will continue on his legacy as a top producer!

Source: Herald Pop