Zico teases that a new release is on the way

Block B‘s Zico is in the midst of crafting a new song!

It has been rather quiet on the music side for Zico, as people are heavily focused on his relationship with AOA‘s Seolhyun.

The rapper recently posted a picture of his studio at home on Instagram, mentioning the completion of lyrics he has been working on. Zico seems hard at work as his desk is filled with books and beverages, reminiscent of a student preparing for exams.

Zico’s last solo release “I Am You, You Are Me” was a smash hit and there is high anticipation for this new song. It is unknown if this song will be for him or his group, or someone else entirely, but it will surely catch the public’s attention and ears.

Hopefully there will be an audio teaser revealed in the near future!

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