Zico’s Lyrics To “Extreme” Makes Reference To ‘Golden Phone’ Scandal

Fans are back in debate.

Zico released his new album, Thinking, and has been receiving unrelated references to Jung Joon Young’s ‘golden phone’ scandal instead of support for his new music.

The lyrics for his song, “Extreme”, have gained attention as they seem to reference the scandal.

The lyrics at 1:03~1:05 of the song reads: “I’ve never seen a video like that, swear to god.”

Hundreds of comments were left from fans voicing their thoughts about the lyrics.

“I think sometimes hip-hop rappers take their lyrics too seriously. Sometimes it’s better to just not say anything.”

“There’s no actual proof that he did anything. I feel bad for him.”

“If he really didn’t see anything, why does he feel like he has to say that in his lyrics?”

Zico has denied seeing anything on Jung Joon Young’s phone except for scrolling through the contacts.

Previously, posts and articles regarding Zico have been bombarded with comments about the scandal.

What are your thoughts on this?

Source: the qoo and hankook ilbo

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