Zion.T’s comeback album has been so successful he felt he had to share the credit

Zion.T has ranked 1st on several international charts and has expressed that he owes his new milestone to G-Dragon, who featured on one of his songs.

On February 1, Zion.T’s newest album, OO, ranked 1st in Taiwan’s iTunes Album Chart, making it his first time ever ranking 1st outside of Korea. On top of that, his title song, “The Song”, dominated all the charts in Korea, such as Melon, Mnet, Genie, Naver Music, Bugs Music, Soribada, and Monkey3.

Another song from the album, “Complex”, which features G-Dragon, also ranked 1st on Macau and Vietnam’s iTunes charts and, instead of taking all the credit, Zion.T has expressed his gratitude towards G-Dragon for his success:

“I feel dazed because it’s my first time ranking 1st abroad. It’s all thanks to G-Dragon.” – Zion.T

He continues to dominate by ranking 2nd in Vietnam and is also lingering in the top spots in 7 other countries, such as Hong Kong, Indonesia, and the Philippines. His fans have given him the nickname “Chart Gangster”, due to his incredible ability to produce chart-topping hits with every release.

Congratulations, Zion.T!

Source: Ilgan Sports