Zion.T Announces He’s Working On New Music With Labelmate Jeon Somi

“We’re working hard together.”

Zion.T recently held an interview about his upcoming album, “May”. He confessed that he wants to try producing another artist rather than working on himself.

I think of Zion.T as my work. I think of myself as the support role that decides what clothes I’ll put on my character and what songs to sing next.

Although I’m Zion.T right now, I want to be the role of a producer in the future too. Much like how I’ve produced myself, I want to try producing another solo artist or an idol group.

I’m thinking of trying it starting next year.

— Zion.T


He is hoping to work with someone that he doesn’t know too well. Someone he can mold from the very beginning of their album concept!

It might be out of the blue but I wish I can work with an artist I don’t know well. Instead of it feeling like a collaboration with an artist I already know so well, I want to try producing the entire album concept and more. I think it’ll be fun.

— Zion.T


As he’s working on his way to becoming a full blown producer, he revealed that he’s been starting with producing Somi’s songs! He announced that he frequently meets with Somi to talk about her next songs and are working hard to release one soon!

Jeon Somi is in my agency, and I meet up with her often to talk about songs. I let her listen to songs and ask, ‘I think it’d be good for you to sing. Do you want to try it?’

We’re working hard together.

— Zion.T


Zion.T and Somi have frequently been seen together in the studio. Although nothing is set for their upcoming new music, stay tuned for updates!

Source: isplus