“Zombieverse” Heartthrob Kim Jin Young Catches Eyes With His Visuals — But Fans Can’t Help But Notice His Hand

What happened?

Content creator Kim Jin Young, also known as Dex, recently captured the attention of netizens with his prominent hand injuries.

Kim Jin Young, also known as Dex | @dex_xeb/Instagram

A new heartthrob in his town: a former UDT/SEAL (Korea Navy Special Warfare Flotilla) and YouTuber named Dex. He first received worldwide attention as Kim Jin Young in the Netflix reality dating show Single’s Inferno 2 and recently gained a lot of love for his heroic heart-fluttering moments in Netflix’s new reality series Zombieverse.

Dex has been on fire, gaining more popularity and love with each production he is a part of. Last month on July 19, he received the Rookie Male Entertainer Award at the Blue Dragon Series Awards for his appearance in the reality show Bloody Game 2.

Dex received the Rookie Male Entertainer Award at the “2nd Blue Dragon Series Awards.” | @dex_xeb/Instagram

On August 14, Dex attended the press conference for MBC Every1 and Lifetime‘s new variety talk show Men on Fire, starring Dex, Lee Kyung Kyu, Park Myung Soo, and Kwon Yul.

“Men on Fire” poster | MBC Every1

On this day, Dex showcased a perfect suit fit, attracting attention with his fashion sense. Despite the simple black and white suit, he stood out with the red handkerchief accent and his visuals. He even did an “angry” pose for fans to fit with the title of the show.

However, netizens couldn’t help but notice his hand. His hands and fingers were covered with scabs and wounds. Netizens commented, “What happened to Dex’s hand?” Some voiced their concerns, saying they should have put a bandage on it or that it “hurts just to look at it.” Others were curious about how he got the injury.

Around the same time, Dex filmed a video of himself watching his iconic Zombieverse scenes for the first time. During the video, fans noticed his hand injuries and expressed their concerns.

Dex had recently traveled to the United States for work, and a netizen wondered what happened while he was there.

One person pointed out, “Why does he keep getting injured?” and expressed sympathy. Recently, during the filming of MBC‘s Adventure By Accident 2 in India, Dex surprised everyone by getting an injury on his face while sparring with a trainer at the gym. In Single’s Inferno 2, Dex showed no remorse as he wrestled with other contestants.

Dex (Jin Young), Jong Woo, and Yoong Jae (left to right) wrestling in “Single’s Inferno 2” | Netflix

In Zombieverse, he showed no hesitation to climb up and down a rope or to jump into negative 13 degrees Celcius water to rescue his teammates. Dex appears to show no fear when it comes to his physical abilities, which may be what these hand injuries may be from. He has yet to address how he got the injury.

Source: X Sports News