TikToker Goes Viral For His Unbelievable Transformation Into Stray Kids’ Felix

Are we sure this isn’t actually Felix?

Stray KidsFelix is not only the lead rapper and dancer; he’s a sub-vocalist and an unofficial visual of the group. His voice alone can make anyone a STAY, but, seriously, his visuals are no joke either.

Stray Kids’ Felix | JYP Entertainment

Just look at him…

It’s no wonder why anyone would want to use him for inspiration for their own look. We could all use some style and skincare tips from Felix!

| realstraykids/Tumblr

Unfortunately, for most of us, we’re just not Felix. We can’t pull off everything as well as he does. Just take, for instance, that long blonde hair.

Yet, someone has recreated some iconic Felix looks, and they did more than just pull it off. He literally transformed into Felix himself!

Japanese video creator Zutti Mattia specializes in everything beauty and makeup. He does cutting-edge androgynous looks that will leave you speechless.

In one of his recent TikTok videos, he goes from looking like himself, who is naturally quite good-looking if we dare say…

…to Stray Kids’ Felix! The look was obviously inspired by “소리꼰” (“Thunderous”), and if there was any question, he chose that as the video’s music!

Honestly, we know Felix has been pretty active on TikTok these days… Perhaps, he agreed to a collab?

Fans couldn’t believe Zutti’s transformation! It seems impossible, yet he made it possible.

| @zutti_tok/TikTok

It’s good enough that it might even have Felix fooled!

| @zutti_tok/TikTok

Many had to do a double-take before they realized it wasn’t really Felix!

| @zutti_tok/TikTok
| @zutti_tok/TikTok

It’s no surprise that this video went viral on TikTok. It was uploaded less than a week ago and has already accumulated over 2 million views as of October 7, 2021. It also has over 500,000 likes because, like us, everyone is obsessed with it!

| @zutti_tok/TikTok

Zutti also shared close-up selfies of himself as Felix on Instagram. The details, from the eyes and lips to Felix’s iconic mullet and freckles, it’s really spot-on.

This makeup artist can do literally anything with cosmetics. He also does drag makeup!



♬ Butter – 방탄소년단 (BTS)

As you already know, he looks like an idol too…

There’s really nothing he can’t do as he looks amazing any and every way!

Watch his full TikTok transformation video into Felix here:


ソリクン! #straykids

♬ Thunderous – Stray Kids

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