Koreans Reveal How BTS Jin Looks In Real Life After Meeting Him

Here’s how BTS Jin really looks according to Korean fans who saw him in person.

Korean fans who encountered BTS Jin in person revealed online how he looks in real life, compared to on the screen.

“I was able to see him really close. He had a really small face and wide shoulders. He was super handsome in a cold way. He looked really cold but then he laughed and joked around with Jungkook slapping each other’s neck.”

“Although I didn’t see him up close…he was still really good-looking. When you see him, you’ll automatically say damn…he’s handsome. And his shoulders were super wide. He had a good build. BTS members were all thin in general, but all of them had pretty wide shoulders, but Seokjin’s shoulders were…thumbs up. His lower lip was thick…and he looked like an alpaca. Should I say he looked really pure and handsome? He had a very gentle-looking style. He looked like a very gentle and restrained young gentleman. Anyway, he was very handsome! I’m so sad I couldn’t see him more up close…”

“I saw him from up close at their concert and I thought his face was going to disappear it was so small ㅠㅠㅠㅠ his skin was flawless and he was just so handsome”

“His shoulders were as wide as the Pacific Ocean”


Many fans also commented on how “cold” he looked.

“He seriously looks really cold but handsome in person”

“He’s really good looking in person. I thought he would look really cozy and gentle, but he’s actually very elegantly cold-looking and he’s just really really good looking is all I can say. I can see why everyone keeps saying Seokjin is so handsome…his aurora is just generally very cold and anyway super super hot….just hot”


Others simply commented on his extremely good looks.

“According to my standards, Seokjin is the best-looking in person in BTS. I saw him in person and he was so hot…”

“I took this photo from really close up…His features are out of this world…ㅠ so handsome!!!!!!ㅠㅠ”

“I saw Jin in person and wasn’t able to wake up from the shock for a while…he’s really good-looking”

“Celebrities are definitely different in person. I saw him from up front and Kim Seokjin’s visuals are indescribable. If I’m a human, Jin looks likes a celestial being. His features don’t even look 4d they look 8dㅋㅋㅋㅋhis facial features fill up his face and create a perfect harmony and in my opinion, he looks totally pure maybe because he was smiling but photos definitely can’t capture his true image. This photo is I guess the most similar to his looks in person”

“I can never forget the moment he looked back at us while singing Lost…I took this picture myself”

Source: Pann Nate and Tistory
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