Sandara Park Finally Went On A Date With Her First Teenage Love

She finally went on a date with him, after all these years.

On an episode of DARA TV, Dara got to go on a romantic date with her long-time ultimate crush from when she was in high school… SECHSKIES’s Eun Jiwon!

Hi everyone, this is Sandara Park. Ha..everyone I finally…met that person.. The person who was like my first love when I was a teenager.. Eun Jiwon oppa!! Because we both have the same tastes as kids, we ain’t tteokbokki and played nostalgic arcade games. It was such a happy time!


Before he arrived at the tteokbokki restaurant, she was busy calming her nerves.


During the meal they poured each other a glass of beer and chatted about their drinking limits, their first experiences with variety shows, and how much Dara wanted to bump into Jiwon at the YG Entertainment building.


They also shared a cute moment after the meal, when Eun Jiwon held an umbrella over Dara and they walked together under the same umbrella.


Following the theme of nostalgia, they headed to an old-school arcade and finished their cute date there!


You can watch the full episode, with English subs here!