The Truth About Why BTS’s Jimin Stopped Singing In The Middle Of A Concert Says All You Need To Know About Him

You can see the emotion on his face.

During one of BTS’s concert performances, to the confusion of the crowd and fans on social media, Jimin suddenly stopped singing. The truth behind his blip is poignant, and it tells you all you need to know about what kind of person he is.

As day 2 of the LOVE YOURSELF tour in Chicago back in 2018 drew to a close, BTS came together on stage to sing their final encore song: “Answer: Love Myself”. But during the middle of the performance, Jimin suddenly began acting unusually.

Fans noticed him leaning over and peering into the crowd below. While the BTS members often take the time to interact with front-row fans at their concerts, this didn’t seem like one of those happy times given the clear concern on Jimin’s face.

Eventually, Jimin stopped singing entirely, crouching down and staring into the crowd intently. Both fans at the concert and those who watched the clip on social media were initially confused and worried—what could have affected Jimin so much that he stopped singing at such a meaningful time?

Later, after the clip went viral on social media, the truth was revealed. Jimin had noticed some disorder in the crowd, and quickly realised that one ARMY had unfortunately fainted.

While the exact circumstances of the fan’s sudden illness were not confirmed, some who attended the concert that day said the ARMY had been pushed and elbowed until she couldn’t breathe.

Jimin was so worried about the fan that he couldn’t carry on with the performance until he knew they were okay. Later in the clip, Jimin was seen gesturing to the security guards. Once he received the “OK” sign from staff at the venue and knew the fan was being taken care of, he looked visibly relieved and resumed the performance.

Naturally, ARMYs around the world were all moved by Jimin’s care for the fan. Even though thousands of fans were in attendance that day, Jimin worried about the unwell ARMY as if they were the only one in the crowd.

Seeing how much Jimin cares for fans on an individual basis says everything you need to know about what a sweet, loving, and genuine person he is. His compassion touched so many hearts, his name reached #3 in the Chicago Twitter trends after the concert.