Wanna One’s Daehwi Brings Up Rumors Of Him Being Gay

Heechul couldn’t believe what he said.

When Wanna One appeared on an episode of Men on a Mission, they challenged Super Junior‘s Heechul to a game of intimidation! While members Park Jihoon, Kang Daniel, Hwang Minhyun, and Ha Sungwoon were miserably defeated, Lee Daehwi shocked the studio by bringing up the rumors that he likes men.


The game initially started out as testing pick up lines on each other. The goal was to make the opponent react unnaturally, by flinching or shying away. The game began with Park Jihoon pitted against Heechul.


On Heechul’s turn, he challenged Park Jihoon by asking, “You want to kiss me right now, don’t you?” while leaning in. Park Jihoon flinched, losing the round.


Next up against Heechul was Kang Daniel. To Kang Daniel’s pick up line of “I like two things in this world. One is the stage, the other is you.” Heechul answered, “Well, I only like you.”

Kang Daniel ran away after he heard Heechul’s comeback, saying “I can’t do this anymore!”


Then Hwang Minhyun tried his luck against Heechul. He took the lead with a solid confession of “I love you”, but immediately lost his cool when Heechul leaned in.


At this point, the game turned into a simple intimidation battle! The next contestant, Ha Sungwoon, couldn’t stand a second of Heechul’s intimidating tactics when Heechul asked, “Have you ever heard of the rumors that I like men?”


With all four challengers all defeated, there was only one last hope… Wanna One’s Lee Daehwi finally stepped up to the plate.


Heechul went first by trying to intimidate Lee Daehwi with a similar play he used on the other members.

“Do you think the rumors about me liking men are really rumors?” — Heechul


But Lee Daehwi didn’t skup a beat as he grabbed Heechul’s neck, pulled him in closer, and answered, “I get a lot those rumors too.” 

Heechul was completely mind-blown by Lee Daehwi’s bold move!


While Lee Daehwi won the game, he hilariously looked as if he had lost everything in return!

The caption reads, “Winning doesn’t feel so much like winning for Lee Daehwi.”


Watch the Wanna One boys and Heechul be silly here:

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