Jeon Somi Surprises Fans By Crashing Tiffany Young’s Instagram Live

Two queens supporting each other.

Recently, Girls’ Generation member and soloist Tiffany Young held an Instagram live to celebrate the release of the Korean version of her song “Runaway”.

She noticed fans saying hi to Somi, which caused her to ask if Somi was watching her live. When she found out that the she was, she greeted the girl warmly.

Somi is here! Somi, hi! I know you’re going to be releasing your solo soon. Congratulations, I can’t wait to see what you’re creating!

Jeon Somi then joins the live, surprising both Tiffany and the fans!

Tiffany continued to show her support for Somi, mentioning her up-coming debut. Somi mentions she’s nervous for her debut.

Somi then tells Tiffany that she listened to runaway and that she loved the song, citing how pretty she looked with blonde hair.

Tiffany then invited Somi to her house the next time she is in LA, proving just how close the two are.

Many fans were shocked by the interaction between the two and hoped that they could see more of the two together!