The #1 League of Legends Streamer in the West is Basically an ARMY

“BTS give me strength.”

Imaqtpie may be best known for being an amazing League of Legends player, but it looks like he may soon be known as an ARMY.


During his most recent livestream, Imaqtpie proved that he just may be ready to join the ranks and become an ARMY. It all started when he brought out a BTS pillow and couldn’t stop gushing about it.

“Every waking moment my boys on BTS know what to do… Look at this face and tell me he doesn’t know it!”  — Imaqtpie


Although owning the pillow is sweet enough, the League of Legends player said it was the best money he’s ever spent and couldn’t stop himself from pointing out his bias.

“I bought this pillow for $25. Best $25 I ever spent. Look at this guy right here. This guy looks happy. That’s what keeps me going. This face right here.”  — Imaqtpie


And when someone asked him why he bought the BTS item he proved he was on the path to becoming a true ARMY.

“Why would I buy this pillow? Because I need it to keep going, dude. I need it to give me strength. BTS. This is how I channel my inner Korean game-play. BTS give me strength.”  — Imaqtpie


The only thing currently stopping him from becoming a full-fledged member of the fandom is his background knowledge on the group.

“This came out in 2015?! Wait, BTS has been around for like, 3 years?”  — Imaqtpie


Despite not knowing the group debuted in 2013, he’s still basically an ARMY and admits he likes to listen to BTS before his stream!

“A combo you never believe would come to fruition. Superstar gamer Imaqtpie doesn’t start his stream until he listens to the entire BTS discography at least twice.” — Imaqtpie


Check out the whole video of him gushing over BTS below. Just a warning, he throws around expletives a lot, but that’s just his way of speaking and doesn’t mean he’s saying anything negative about BTS.