10 Actresses Who Caused Controversy By Smoking On Screen

These ten beautiful female actors were the subject of a surprising amount of controversy due to their dedication to the craft of acting. Their acting in which they inhaled, puffed, and blew smoke was so real that netizens are now accusing them of smoking in real life.

1. Kim Hye Soo

Kim Hye Soo played Madam Jeong in Tazza: The High Rollers and did such a good job of portraying a smoker that fans protested.

2. Yeom Jung Ah

Yeom Jung Ah did a smoking scene for her role in The Big Swindle, which looked effortless.


3. Son Ye Jin

Son Ye Jin’s smoking in her role as the leader of a Yakuza-backed organization the movie Open City looked so natural and convincing that fans began to worry.


4. Jun Ji Hyun

Jun Ji Hyun had to smoke a cigarette for the first time in her life to play a role in A Man Who was Superman.


5. Kim So Hyun

Kim So Hyun did a smoking scene at the age of 16 for her drama Reset.


6. Go A Sung

Go A Sung excelled at smoking acting in the movie Right Now, Wrong Then.


7. Nana

Nana was cast in tvN’s drama The Good Wife 


8. Ryu Hye Young

In Reply 1988, Ryu Hye Young played the role of Sung Bo-ra and blew such expert smoke rings, viewers began to wonder if she actually smoked in real life.


9. Go Ara

Go Ara revealed that she practiced smoking for a scene in Pace Maker.

10. Min Hyo Rin

Min Hyo Rin’s smoking scene in a film appeared so convincing that it raised questions as to whether she might actually be a smoker.


As it turns out, while fans tend to get upset out of concern for the health of the favorite actors and idols, in Korean society, the acceptance of smoking as a habit is different for men and women. Female smokers tend to have to keep their habit a secret in order to avoid stares. While it is undoubtedly unhealthy to smoke, it is certainly everyone’s prerogative to choose whether or not to do so, and it is unfortunate that women face a special prejudice if they choose to engage in this habit.

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Source: Dispatch