10 Fandoms That Rule K-pop on Tumblr

K-pop fans make their online presence known on social media, which is why certain groups are the most talked about whenever you search Korean music.

Tumblr is a huge platform for fans to come together and talk about their favorite celebrities, and they just released their list of top 20 K-pop groups of 2016! These artists have all worked hard to get where they are now and whether it’s scrolling through glamorous GIFs of BLACKPINK or reading BTS fanfiction, we all love searching our fave celebrities and learning more about them!

Here are the groups who made Tumblr’s Top 10:

1. BTS

These 7 boys really have been on “fire” all year long. They started out as a small group from BigHit Entertainment and transformed into one of the groups helping to globalize K-pop. People are now being introduced to Korean music through BTS and are extremely impressed with what they see.

2. EXO

We feel like the lucky ones after all the new music EXO’s given us in 2016. Each member seems to have their hands in everything these days, from Baekhyun‘s first main role in the drama Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo to Lay debuting his first solo album, and D.O starring in two films this year. Is there really anything EXO can’t do?

3. GOT7

iGOT7 have especially been spoiled this year! The group released a two-part album series, Flight Log, a world tour in which they visited five countries, a new reality show, and received the Worldwide Favorite Artists award at the 2016 Mnet Asian Music Awards. Through all of their success in 2016, they’ve never forgotten to show love to the fans with their incredible and very cute fan service!


With only a year of experience since debuting, SEVENTEEN has already proven to be contenders in the K-pop industry. They were nicknamed the “self-producing” idol group. They released their first full-length album, Love & Letter earlier this year, and won their first music show award with “Pretty U.” The album also placed fourth on Gaon‘s 2016 half-yearly physical album charts, making SEVENTEEN the highest charting rookie group on the list. I think we can all agree this group is on the rise and ready to take K-pop by storm.

5. SHINee

Although they waited a year to come back as a group, the five members of SHINee have definitely been keeping busy. Taemin and Jonghyun both released their first full studio albums, Press It and She Is, which earned Taemin his first music show award. Meanwhile, Minho made his first big-screen debut in the film, Canola. In November, SHINee finally came back with 1 of 1, an album inspired by the 90’s. Their dynamic is stronger than ever as they continue to evolve their sound.


Not one, not two, but THREE comebacks from VIXX this year was probably the highlight for every Starlight in 2016. The group from Jellyfish Entertainment released their year-long project, titled VIXX 2016 Conception. The trilogy consisted of three single albums, Zelos, Hades, and Kratos, which were based on Greek mythology tales. To wrap up this project, the final installment was a compilation album of all the previous tracks, called VIXX 2016 Conception Ker. It’s safe to say that VIXX delivered all the dark, brooding concepts we ever needed.

7. B.A.P

It wouldn’t be a perfect K-pop list without these six, talented guys. To contrast their dark album from 2015, Matrix, B.A.P kicked off 2016 with a brighter release, called Carnival. The boys show fun sides of themselves in the music video for “Feel So Good,” which put a smile on all their fans’ faces. Beginning in April, they began their worldwide tour in 10 countries, which ended in July. Let’s not forget their summer dance track, “That’s My Jam” and the epic music video for their latest title track, “Skydive.” Although B.A.P is known for their intense style and music videos, they’re always able to let loose and enjoy the ride.

8. Monsta X

It seems that 2016 has been quite the year for two-part albums and trilogies because Monsta X also hopped on that train. Back in May, they dropped the first part of their comeback, The Clan Pt. 1, accompanied by a dramatic music video for the title track, “All In.” The second half, The Clan Pt. 2 Guilty,  was released in October, along with the lead single, “Fighter.” This track combined cinematic elements with the traditional K-pop format. This group is hot right now and definitely one to keep your eye out on.

9. NCT

This highly-anticipated debut was one that really opened our eyes to how talented these rookies are. SM Entertainment announced this group back in late 2015 and described them to be a group of unlimited members, who would then be divided into various sub-units. The first unit, NCT U, debuted in April with “The 7th Sense.” They instantly started burning up social media and had everyone talking about their stellar dance skills and exceptional vocal and rapping abilities. The second unit debuted in July as NCT 127, which was the only unit so far to have released a mini album. And finally, the third unit is NCT Dream, which consists of the youngest members, ranging from 14-17 years of age. All three have shown different sides of this “neo-culture technology” group and have a very promising future.


Also known as the ultimate group who keeps the party going all night long. Their one-year hiatus is officially coming to an end with the release of their upcoming album, MADE. 2015 was the year of BIGBANG with eight singles released and seven music videos. The group celebrated their 10th anniversary this year, during their two special encore concerts, BIGBANG10 THE CONCERT: 0.TO.10. Their comeback this December marks their last one for a while, as T.O.P gets ready to enlist in military service this upcoming February. They’ve shaped K-pop in ways that were never done before, and have already made international history.

Did your faves make the top 10? Don’t fret, you can check out the rest of the list here for more of the hottest groups on Tumblr this year!