10 Hit Songs That Were Written And Performed By The Same Idol Group

In the midst of many idols, these are the multi-talented idols who not only perform but confidently put forth their own songs with a high production value.

1.HIGHLIGHT – “Can Be Better”

A fun song to dance to “Can Be Better” was produced by HIGHLIGHT’s member Junhyung. Junhyung is part of his company’s producing team Good Life.

He took charge in writing both the melody and lyrics of this song in hopes to give the listeners happiness in the midst of their busy lives.

2. BTS – “DNA”

Fans’ most recent favorite, “DNA” was produced by the leader of BTS Rap Monster and rapper Suga.

Following the current EDM/Pop trend, Rap Monster and Suga are able to capture BTS’s popping energy and personality.

This title song in the album contains the youthful passion of two lovers destined for each other even though their DNA.

3. BTOB – “Missing You”

BTOB defied the idol norm with a sentimental ballad song as their title song with “Missing You”.

Hyunsik was the leading producer and other members Minhyuk, Peniel, and Ilhoon also took part in the production of this song.

In the lonely autumn season, feeling the emptiness of the past lover is expressed in “Missing You”.

4. GOT7 – “You Are”

“You Are” was released last October and is the first song of GOT7 that was produced on their own.

JB composed both the melody and the lyrics emphasizing the unique talents of each member of GOT7.

JB produced the song to give hope as great as the sky to everyone who feels drained from life.

5. B1A4 – Rollin’

B1A4’s new title song “Rollin’” was written by Jinyoung who has already been recognized for his ingenious producing ability.

Baro also took part in writing the lyrics with Jinyoung in this song.

The tropical house style adds an addictive element to the uplifting song where you can’t stop listening to it.

6. PENTAGON – “Like This”

“Like This” is featured as the title song of the PENTAGON’s album “DEMO_1”.

Recent “song-writer-dol” and leader of the PENTAGON, Hui produced both the song and lyrics.

In addition, Hui showed off his full potential when he produced both “NEVER” and “ENERGETIC” in Produce 101 Season 2.


WINNER’s title song “LOVE ME LOVE ME” took on the hot summer of 2017 with the refreshing tropical/house sound.

The song was composed by WINNER’s leader Seungyoon and main rapper Mino, and Seunghoon helped along the way with the lyrics.

8. SEVENTEEN – “Don’t Wanna Cry”

“Don’t Wanna Cry” produced by Woozi is about a boy who felt sadness for the first time in his life.

Woozi incorporated the trendy EDM sound and helped to express the youthful character of SEVENTEEN.

Other members S.Coups, Hoshi, and Jeonghan also helped Woozi with the lyrics.


iKON’s debut album’s title song “AIRPLANE” was composed by B.I the leader of the group.

He wrote about the heartbreak of not being able to let a lover depart at the airport.

B.I and Bobby both worked on the lyrics of the song.

10. Block B – “Toy”

Block B’s leader ZICO is already well-known for his producing skills with numerous hits.

He wrote the title song “Toy” in their most recent comeback album.

As the title of the song suggests, ZICO wrote about the sadness of feeling toyed around but giving all to a girl who doesn’t love you back.

Source:  Insight