10+ idols who trained for less than a year before debuting

In order to debut as an idol in Korea, trainees typically go through rigorous and strict programs for years before having a chance to be on the big stage. These 11 amazing idols must have exhibited undeniable charms and talent to be exceptions to that rule!

1. EXO’s Baekhyun: 3-4 months

2. EXO’s Chen: 3-4 months

3. WANNA ONE’s Lai Guanlin: 6 months

4. miss A’s Suzy: 10 months

5. Goo Hara: 3 months

6. Jiyoung: 2 weeks

Source: @kangjiyoung_MA

7. Apink’s Eunji: 2 months

8. Super Junior’s Ryeowook:  2 months

9. Super Junior’s Kyuhyun: 3 months

10. VIXX’s Hyuk: 3 months

11. VIXX’s Ken: 5 months

Source: @vixx_lockscreen

Source: Instiz