10 K-Pop MVs that have been banned for being “Too Sexual”

Despite the sweet and cutesy bubblegum-pop image that the genre has, K-pop also has a dark and sexy side.

As a country that is known for being quite conservative, South Korea is quite the stickler when it comes to restrictions on what can be seen by certain age groups. This is probably the reason why most companies and groups prefer to play it safe and produce content that is rated PG for the most past. However, there are a few artists who like to play it risky and have released quite the proactive work of art regardless of the repercussions.

Here are 10 of sexiest music videos in K-Pop that have been banned from broadcast.

1. Jay Park ft. Ugly Duck – “MOMMAE”

From girls twerking in thongs to being surrounded by a number of girls in bed, Jay Park sure gave a lot of things to talk about. His music video was banned for its’ overuse of sexual images.

2. Brown Eyed Girls – “Abracadabra”

One of K-pop’s iconic song is actually banned due from being broadcasted on television. But while its sexually-suggestive themes may have made it unsuitable for minors, that didn’t stop it from becoming quite the hit with the public.

3. TVXQ – “Mirotic”

“Mirotic” was banned from broadcast due to its explicit lyrics, including the phrase “under my skin.” The ban could have also come from the excess skin exposure.

4. FIESTAR – “One More”

With it sexual visuals and suggestive lyrics, the music was automatically banned from broadcast. The official reason for the ban was due to its suggestive lyrics.

5. Stellar – “Vibrato”

If the featured image of the video is any indication, this music video is heavily filled with sexual images. In the MV the girls are seen suggestively posing inside a box the seems to be recording them.

6. Ivy – “Touch Me”

Known as the “sexy queen” of K-pop, Ivy’s “Touch Me” was not as well received by broadcast companies as it was by fans. The music video itself was “touched” by an 18 year or older rating due to its sexual images and suggestive lyrics.

7. Stellar – “Marionette”

Back on the list is Stellar with their very controversial MV for “Marionette.” Featuring the girls in nothing but leotards and stockings, the MV was banned for highly sexual images and choreography.

8. Dal Shabet – “Joker”

Much like the other music videos on this list, the video contains sexual choreography. But interestingly enough, that was not the reason it was banned. Apparently the word ‘Joker’ is too similar to the Korean word 좆커 (Joh-Kuh), a slang term for the male anatomy in Korean. Thus, the wording in the song causes some misunderstandings.

9. Gary ft. Crush – “Shower Later”

Despite his good guy image on Running Man, Gary’s “Shower Later” shows a darker side of himself. In the music video, you can see Gary assist two girls, who suggestively bounce on a seesaw while sucking on popsicles.  The MV was banned for its mature content, cursing, and inappropriate expressions.

10. BIGBANG – “Bae Bae”

With the plethora of sexual innuendos in the MV, BIG BANG’s “Bae Bae” 19+ rating was announced even before the MV was released.