10 K-Pop songs you never knew were remakes of other songs

Every K-Pop fan has heard of these seven iconic songs, however, you may not have known that they were remakes.

K-Pop is one of the most innovative music industries in the world. The music comes from a mix of genres such as hip-hop, soul, rock, and trap among others. In fact, some of K-Pop’s more famous songs are entire remakes of other international artists. Groups such as VIXX, TVXQ, and f(X) have all remade songs into hits for the new age, and who they drew from may surprise you!

Check out this list of 7 hit K-Pop songs that are actually remakes!

1. Baby VOX – “Play”

Baby VOX’s famous song “Play” was a remake of the American Artist Jennifer Lopez‘s song with the same name.

2. f(x) – “No More”

f(x)’s song “No More” hints at a 50’s style beach-side pop; their remake doesn’t reach quite as far back, though, as the song was first sung by American artist Ariana Grande with the song title “Boyfriend Material”.

3. TVXQ – “Mirotic”

The rights for the song “Mirotic” were sold to both TVXQ and the German singer Sarah Connor for the purpose of both European and Eastern release at the time of sale. There’s been minor controversy over plagiarism in the past, due to Sarah Connor’s release one month before TVXQ. Despite that,  “Mirotic” has become a staple of K-Pop and is still covered by idols and fans alike.

4. Super Junior – “What If”

Super Junior‘s song “What If” is undeniably one of the group’s most touching and heartwarming songs, and is a remake of the Filipina singer Nina’s song with the same title.

5. G-Dragon – “This Love”

G-Dragon‘s debut song “This Love” was one of the famous rapper’s many successful solo songs; however, it was a remake. “This Love” was originally performed by the American alternative pop group Maroon 5.  G-Dragon has made the song a hit in South Korea.

6. VIXX – “Love Equation”

Last year VIXX moved from their familiar dark concepts into something a bit brighter. “Love Equation” surprised fans with its lightness and sweet concept. The song was originally performed by Ref and was titled “Farewell Formula” and held a more somber note.

7. SHINee – “Juliette”

Many Shawols may not be aware, but SHINee‘s popular song “Juliette” is a remake of Corbin Bleu‘s “Deal with It.” Both songs are energetic, but SHINee definitely took it to another level.

8. Girls’ Generation – “RunDevilRun”

Girls’ Generation‘s “RunDevilRun” showed Girls’ Generation’s sexy side and was a huge hit; however, the song was actually a remake of American artist Ke$ha‘s song with the same title. The girl group absolutely killed the remake.

9. f(X) – “Hot Summer”

Many fans may not be aware, but f(x)‘s hit song “Hot Summer” was actually a remake.  The original song was performed by the German pop group Monrose. However, this is not the only f(x) song that is a remake as their other songs “Pinocchio (Danger),” “Mr. Boogie”, and “Dangerous” are also remakes.

10. I.O.I – “Whatta Man”

I.O.I‘s “Whatta Man” is definitely one of I.O.I’s biggest songs that took the idol group to higher levels of popularity; the chorus of “Whatta Man” was actually a sample of the popular 1990’s R&B trio Salt-N-Pepa‘s song of the same name. I.O.I’s recreation definitely did the original version justice.