10 of K-Pop’s Weirdest Music Videos You Need To Watch Immediately

K-Pop may be responsible for some of the most incredible and epic music videos out there, but it is also responsible for some of the weirdest ones. These are 10 of the weirdest K-Pop MVs to date.

With some of the biggest production values, some MVs tend to go a little over the top. There are way too many to list all of them, but here is a short list of 10 of the weirdest K-Pop MVs out there!

1. NORAZO – Your Fortune

The entire video centers around mind-bending optical illusions and is very confusing to watch — the song is pretty catchy, though.

2. Im Chang Jung – Open The Door

This crazy video features Im Chang Jung trying to stop wrongdoings from happening by looking at people with a sad expression. He stops a man from stealing someone’s wallet and saves a school girl from getting bullied. U-KISS appears at the beginning and Super Junior‘s Heechul appears at the end, too!

3. Hitchhiker – Eleven

This video doesn’t make any sense in the slightest and is probably one of the strangest K-Pop videos in existence. The public’s reception to this song and MV was very polarized and the video has almost as many dislikes as likes on YouTube.

4. Primary – Don’t Be Shy

This strange video features Choa from AOA. It shows her and other girls in a dark setting playing with Pokemon cards and ripping the heads and limbs off of dolls. Parts of the video are seen through a filter that makes it appear like it’s being played on an old TV. Talk about strange.

5. ZICO – Yes or No

This video is completely animated and shows ZICO in a variety of strange scenes. He’s shown standing on top of a giant pig and sitting in the window of a gingerbread house. This video is so strange it’s almost a shame it isn’t longer.

6. CocoSori – Dark Circle

The video starts out normally enough with CocoSori innocently gardening. It’s not long, though, before the video takes a weird turn when a human-sized piece of broccoli suddenly appears, and the girls start swooning over him. The rest of the video talks about ways that broccoli is good for you, like reducing dark circles.

7. ORANGE CARAMEL – Catallena

This video is definitely one of the strangest K-Pop MVs ever. It features the members as mermaids packaged up for sale and also shows them as pieces of sushi. KBS banned this video for making light of human life.

8. Elizabeth – Ppappa Pierrot

From the outset of the video, this music video is just bizarre. The video begins with a slime-covered person coming out of a bathtub full of green slime. During the rest of the video, Elizabeth‘s backup dancers are seen wearing creepy masks.

9. ANDA – Touch

While this video may not be as visually bizarre as some of the others on this list, it earns its place in it by employing clever filming tactics.  There are multiple scenes that show ANDA repeating actions like taking off her blouse only to have another of the exact same appear directly underneath it in a bizarre loop. In one scene she repeatedly pulls the same block out of a Jenga tower, only to have it reappear and yet it doesn’t appear as though the video was edited in a loop.

10. T.O.P – Doom Dada

This is possibly one of the most well known weird K-Pop MVs. From the scene with the monkeys to the one where T.O.P is filmed riding a motorcycle with someone wearing a giant baby mask in the sidecar, this is definitely an MV worth checking out.