10 Korean actors you would never believe are in their 40s

There are oppas who remain oppas regardless of their age. They keep on being their sexy selves. Same goes for the unnis — by some force of unknown magic, not only do they stay beautiful, it’s as though they get more beautiful as they age.

These 10 Korean actors are in their 40s but, lost in their charming good looks and goddess-like perfection, it’s impossible to tell.

1. Shin Ha Kyun

Shin Ha Kyun was born in 1974, which makes him 43, but he is still considered an oppa by fans in their 20s. This is definitely understandable considering he’s not only good looking and charismatic, but he simply doesn’t seem to have aged at all!

2. Nam Goong Min

Nam Goong Min turned 40 this year. Not only is he beloved by his female fans, he’s the object of envy for many Korean men due to his lovely relationship with Jin A Reum, who’s 11 years younger than him.

3. Choi Ji Woo

Believe it or not, Choi Ji Woo was born in 1975! She’s graced Korea’s silver and small screens with her loveliness since 1994. The heroine of Winter Sonata could very well play the same role now and raise zero eyebrows.

4. Kim Sa Rang

This former Miss Korea turned actress, whose very skin glows with light, is somehow turning 40 this year.

5. So Ji Sub

Looking at So Ji Sub, it’s hard to think that he’s 41. In fact, it’s hard to think at all. So Ji Sub’s been making his fans’ hearts throb since 1995 when he debuted as a model.


6. Um Ki Joon

Um Ki Joon is one of those actors who can play a wide range of roles, and one of them certainly seems to be “Being Young”. At 42, he remains an oppa to many due to his good looks!

7. Choi Kang Hee

Choi Kang Hee’s cuteness and lighthearted energy belie the fact that she’s in fact 44 years old this year. But her characteristic humor and signature smile still make Korean male fans’ hearts throb.

8. Ha Ji Won

We would be remiss to not include Ha Ji Won in this list. This actress somehow turned 40 this year but seems to be just getting more beautiful by the day. Since her debut in 1997, Ha Ji Won’s been a goddess of Korean television and movies.

9. Park Hae Il

At 41, Park Hae Il’s been making his fans blush with his kind and charismatic eyes since debuting in 2000. To the dismay of many of his female fans, however, Park Hae Il married a playwright back in 2006.

10. Cha Tae Hyun

The actor who made every woman jealous of Jun Ji Hyun in 2001 My Sassy Girl is now in his 40s. Cha Tae Hyun has since made many a female fan delighted to see his cuteness and sad to see him get hitched back in 2006.

Source: Insight