TOP 10 Iconic K-Pop Eyebrow Styles That Will Improve Your Overall Visual

K-Pop idols are known to pave the way for trending looks, and these styles have set the bar – this is by no means a complete list, but iconic none the less.


His blue brows and iconic long and thick looks are a bold style in K-Pop history.


This iconic blue brow won the hearts of many during "Fantastic Baby".

2. Block B Zico

Zico’s willingness to play with style and color have always had the ability to reshape his look entirely.

His brows have a unique shape that are a staple of his look.

His more tame brows give an air of sophistication.

3. BTS V

V’s strong brows have also made his look highly masculine and alluring, often made bolder for performances like “Mic Drop”.

Taehyung's thick brows are beautiful.

Their shape and color are totally disarming.

4. B.A.P Jongup

This sleek pointed look was jaw-dropping to everyone who saw it. Jongup is eyebrow goals.

This look is so sharp it could cut.

This look is sleek and powerful.

5. SHINee Key

Key’s eyebrows have always been a complete look. In his early career, the eyebrows were often filled to hide the injury there from before, but have become a staple of his look and stood as a statement of empowerment!

SHINee's Key is famous for his gorgeous brows and their iconic look.

6. CL

CL’s thinner brow, with hair styled down and curved stands outside the classic Korean line while maintaining some structure of Korean makeup looks!

The baddest female is sharp, clean, and classy with her slight faded brow.

On stage, killing those looks.

7. Girls’ Generation Taeyeon

Taeyeon wears the traditional thick-line straight-brow that is still today the most common look in Korean makeup brow styling!

Her brows are known for their classic korean straight-style. Gorgeous!

Light or dark her eyebrows are always on point!

8. Jessi

Jessi’s thin, curved at the inner part brow with a fade brow and sleek curve are a totally unique look!

Jessi killing it with a more natural looking brow in this BNT photoshoot.

This dark look is dangerously iconic!

9. Hyuna

Hyuna’s ultra-thin pencil brow is perhaps not common in Korea but is eyebrow goals all the same!


Perhaps not an obvious standout on the list, LE’s brow that combines a classic thick straight style yet is ultra thin and pointed at the end it a look totally unique to her!

Her gorgeous brows are thin yet elegant!

On point and perfectly complimenting this flower-crown look!