10+ Life-Changing Idol-Inspired Clothes Your Closet Needs ASAP

1. Baseball Cap with Hoops

The essential item for your flawless street K-style look. Suga‘s version is from Korean brand R.Shemiste but you can easily find lookalikes on Amazon.


2. Silk Bomber Jacket

Whether you’re landing at ICN or heading to Korean class on campus, throw on a silk bomber jacket to make sure your lewk is on point.


3. Chunky Sneakers

Idols have been loving the highly debated Balenciaga Triple S Trainers. If you’d like to take on the challenge of making these unique sneaks work, check out these alternatives.


4. Ribbons, Ribbons, and more Ribbons!

Add ribbons to your button-up shirt, or replace your hoodie strings with a ribbon for a trendy K-style look.


6. Hats with a long strap

It’s clear that long ribbons are in, and these hats with long straps are just as on-trend too. G-Dragon took a step further and made hats with extremely long straps for his PEACEMINUSONE clothing line.


7. Velvet Blazers

With year-end award show season, idols are popping up in dapper velvet blazers. Wanna One took it up a notch with full-on velvet suits.


8. Circle-Frame Glasses

Harry Potter may have started the trend back in the 90’s, but idols have brought it back. It’s easy to see that this year’s hot fashion item are these circle-frame glasses.


9. Hangul x City T-Shirts

These popular shirts from Korean brand Nohant are loved by so many different idols. Show off your style & love for Korea with these cute tops!


10. Layered Dress Shirts

Fans saw their favorite idols rocking this trend throughout 2017! It’s a cool way to put a twist to a classic look.


11. Long “Padding”

It’s been a chilly winter in South Korea, with temperatures hitting -17°C. This season has seen a rise in popularity with long goose-down parkas, called ‘padding’ in Korean. You’ll be needing one too if you’re heading to Seoul this winter!


12. Faux-Fur Jackets

If you’re the type who prefers fur over feathers, this trend is for you. Faux fur coats have been threatening goose-down parkas spot as number one coat this F/W season!


13. Twisted Nail Accessories

Don’t forget about the details too! These ‘twisted nail’ accessories are the perfect way to top off your k-style OOTD.