10 most difficult K-Pop dances of 2016

Each year K-Pop groups battle it out to produce more and more complicated choreography and impressive routines that fans just can’t get enough of.

In fact, the dance routines are often almost as popular as the music, with many fans eagerly learning the dances, performing covers, and anticipating dance practice footage to be posted. 2016 has really proven the high standards for K-Pop dance, with many groups releasing their most complex dance routines yet!

Take a look at 10 impressive K-Pop dances of 2016!

1. NCT 127‘s 소방차 (Fire Truck) has a difficult dance routine and it is executed very well by these rookies! They have a lot of energy and work well together despite being such a new group. Perhaps they have been receiving some lessons and tips from their older SM brothers EXO.

2. EXO has long been famous for its use of complex choreography in its performances. The group certainly delivers again with Monster. EXO’s complicated moves and funky style never fails to impress. Check out their flawless synchronization.

3. MONSTA X caught fan’s eyes with the manly, hard-hitting choreography to 네게만 집착해 (Stuck). They really know how to use their full bodies, putting in incredible energy and enthusiasm into each movement. Their dance practice for All In is also a strong routine that further proves their dance talent.

4. BLACKPINK‘s Boombayah moved away from the group’s typical cutesy, girl group choreography and proved that girl idols can slay. They put a lot of energy and passion into their dancing and are very strong performers individually and as a team. Despite being new on the scene, these girls have already been noticed for their fierce moves.

5. VIXX‘s Fantasy showcases smooth, masculine choreography that really fits in well with the theme of the song. Fantasy is a song with a lot of feeling, and VIXX does well putting this emotion not only into their vocals but also their bodies. Credit for this amazing performance goes to popular K-Pop choreographer, Keone Madrid.

6. HyunA continues to kill it with 어때? (How’s this?), proving she’s more than capable of keeping up with the boy idols. The fierce, sexy choreography creates a strong feeling that fits perfectly with this sassy piece. From twerking, to strutting, to body rolls, HyunA is not shy to show off what she’s got and work it!

7. SISTAR wowed us all when they showed off a new feel with their sultry choreography in I Like That. They creatively incorporated their skirts as props in the routine and performed the whole thing in heels. Impressive ladies!

8. GOT7‘s Fly showcases fast but smooth choreography that the group executes effortlessly. The transitions and movements are incredibly in-sync, a testament to the closeness of the members and the many hours of training they put into perfecting the dance.

9. BTS has been doing a lot of excellent footwork this year, which is why they get two spots on this list. 불타오르네 (Fire) includes some of the fastest footwork we have seen from any group. Keone Madrid is responsible for the choreography in this music video as well.

10. Finally, this list would not be complete without BTS‘s 피 땀 눈물 (Blood Sweat & Tears). This dance is just as hard-hitting as Fire, but with a more sexy feel. It’s easy to see why this is fast becoming a fan favorite, these boys really can dance!

What have been your favorite K-Pop dances of 2016? Have you tried to re-create any of these iconic routines?

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