10 Photos of I.O.I’s Most Eye-Popping Outfits

K-Pop idols have always been known to have the best stage outfits, and popular rookie girl group, I.O.I, is no exception.

Throughout 2016, the girls of I.O.I have brought us many fantastic performances that captured the hearts of many fans. Some of their most memorable songs include “Whatta Man”, “Very Very Very” and “Pick Me”. Here are 10 of I.O.I’s most amazing outfit ever worn on their stages!

10. The schoolgirl outfit with pink skirt
Perfect ending pose with their pinkish charms
9. Yellow shirt coupled with denim
Always adorable no matter their expression
8. Tight outfits that highlight their figures
Liven up the audience with their cartoonish look
7. They look great in blue uniform
Entertaining fans with their style and bubbliness
6. Black with colorful jackets
Looking trendy with colorful jackets on
5. This white outfit together with newspaper clippings motive
This unusual outfit brings out the group's sharpness
This unusual outfit brings out the group’s sharpness
4. The tennis outfit in black and white
Looking great no matter what concept they’re sporting
3. There were no such things as too much red
Showing their fiery passion with red uniform
2. Professional look with school blazers
They’ll make you want to dance along
1. Leather concept for “Whatta Man”