10+ Photos Prove WJSN Cheng Xiao Looks Too Freakin Beautiful When She Does Ballet

Cheng Xiao blows minds with her beautiful dancing.

Cheng Xiao is Cosmic Girls‘ Queen of The Sugarplum Fairies. Whether it’s in the practice room or on stage, her graceful dancing is awe-inspiring.

She recently been appearing as a dance instructor on the Chinese reality show, Idol Producer and uses her experience and expertise to help the trainees. In addition to being one of Cosmic Girls‘ main dancers, Cheng Xiao has ten years of traditional Chinese dance training, and can also dance ballet.


See how she magically transforms from a pretty pop idol into beautiful ballerina in these photos.


1. Preparing for practice room pirouettes 

Cheng Xiao demonstrated her flexibility in this dance studio photoshoot for Naver x Dispatch. 


2. Prima Ballerina


3. Her beauty is “On Pointe”


4. She looks like she came straight out of a music box


5. The Black Swan stretches


6. Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy

Cheng Xiao elegantly performed in The Nutcracker on KBS‘s variety show, The Swan Club.


7. She looks gorgeous wearing a tutu


8. Goddess of Grace


9. As delicate as a flower


10. After receiving a standing ovation


11. The Princess of Purity