10 photos reveal what Tzuyu looked like in middle school

TWICE‘s Tzuyu is known as a goddess of visuals and these pre-debut pictures of her prove that she is a natural beauty.

There is no doubt that Tzuyu is absolutely gorgeous with her bright eyes, stunning smile, perfect figure, and model-like height. As old pictures of the TWICE member emerged online, it became evident to all that she is indeed naturally beautiful. After seeing her pre-debut photos, no one can deny that Tzuyu was born a top visual.

Check out these pre-debut photos of TWICE’s Tzuyu that prove she’s alway been gorgeous:

Tzuyu has a sweet smile and those doe-eyes.
Tzuyu hasn’t changed at all. A pure, natural beauty!
Tzuyu’s visuals have always been out of this world.
Tzuyu gives a glimpse at more of her adorable face.
Even without makeup and in regular clothes Tzuyu’s beauty shines through.
It would appear that Tzuyu has always had a petite frame.
TWICE’s precious maknae was clearly destined to be an idol.