10 Photos show NCT 127 Taeyong’s incredible jawline

NCT 127‘s Taeyong has become SM Entertainment‘s latest heartthrob, and his impressive jawline is perhaps his most attractive feature.

Even before making his debut with NCT Taeyong had been recognized for his incredible visuals, and even appearances as a model for advertisements. His perfect looks has made him SM Entertainment’s latest heartthrob, and fans have noticed incredibly sharp his jawline is.

Taeyong’s jawline has received countless compliments from fans, who can’t stop staring and taking photos during fan meeting and performances. His sharp jawline only accentuates his perfect features making Taeyong’s flower boy looks almost unreal.

Take a look at why fans are going crazy for Taeyong’s jawline with these photos below:

Some fans say he looks like a character from a manhwa.

It’s no wonder Taeyong was recognized for his good looks even before his debut.

Taeyong already has countless fansites and fan photographers

You can find photos of him from every angle.

He’s SM Entertainment’s next visual ace. 

All eyes are on Taeyong during his performances.

Fans compared Taeyong to Jack Frost when he had this hair color.

His choker looks like a belt. 

He can make pink look manly. 

Taeyong definitely has that model feel.