10 Photos That Show The Timeline of Taeyeon’s Hair Since Last February

Taeyeon has been undergoing a beautiful, natural transformation, growing out her hair for 10 months!

Fans have been collecting photos that show Taeyeon’s hairstyle transitioning from super short to past her shoulders! It’s been nearly a year of Taeyeon’s hair growing, and there’s no doubt she can pull off any style.

This certainly isn’t the first time Taeyeon’s hair has caught the attention of fans. Early last year, Taeyeon tried to dye her hair on her own at home, but the results were disastrous. Her sudden haircut resulted from this dye-job-gone-horribly-wrong.

Ultimately, she decided to try out a new look and promote her song “Rain” with a bob cut. Ever since then, fans have been able to witness her hair undergoing different styles and colors!

Check out the timeline of Taeyeon’s hair transformation below!

Month 1: February

Rocking her drastic haircut.

Month 2: March

Hair just barely reaching her chin.

Month 3: April

Looking stylish with her chin-length hair, as she grows out her bangs.

Month 4: May

Her hair almost reaching her shoulders here!

Month 5: June

This month she went back to a light brown color.

Month 6: July

Performing at Butterfly Kiss concert with shoulder length hair

Month 7: August

Spicing up her hairstyle with a layered look.

Month 8: September

Looking adorable in braids and an ash blonde hair color.

Month 9: October

Here her hair has grown substantially from her bob!

Month 10: November

Hair is finally medium length and oddly looks just like her hair from her debut days!

Source: Instiz