10 Photos That Prove Jun Ji Hyun Doesn’t Age

If there’s anyone who looks like they came from “another star,” it would be the ethereal Jun Ji Hyun and her never-aging beauty.

Though Jun Ji Hyun is considered an iconic Korean beauty nowadays, her past childhood photos prove that she’s actually been a beauty her entire life. From the beginning of her career up until now, Jun Ji Hyun has maintained herself extremely well. From her youthful face to her slim and athletic feature, she really embodies the ideal beauty among women in Korea and all over the world.

Many fans know the Jun Ji Hyun from her latest works, such as mega-hit You Who Came From The Stars and her current show Legend of the Blue Sea, but here’s a compilation of photos from her older works that show off young Jun Ji Hyun’s natural beauty.








Now fast-forwards a few years later, to the goddess we all know and you can see that her natural beauty has never faltered.

Jun Ji Hyun looking fierce.
Jun Ji Hyun's current image for "Legend of the Blue Sea"
Jun Ji Hyun’s current image for “Legend of the Blue Sea”

No matter how much her life as changed over the years Jun Jihyun’s beauty is still radiant as always.


Wouldn’t it be great if we could all blossom like her?