10+ Photos Of TWICE Momo’s Sexy Choker

Sexy, sweet, and edgy.

TWICE‘s Momo is receiving all the likes for one sexy stage outfit.


The outfit includes an off the shoulder crop top and a trendy pair of lace-up shorts.

“It’s so pretty I want to wear something like it too.” — Netizen


Although the whole outfit is spectacular, there is one accessory that brings her fashion game to the next level.

“It looks like those choker bras. Choker bras are seriously so pretty and fashionable though!” — Netizen


Momo’s choker necklace has fans absolutely awestruck.

“Omg she’s so pretty.” — Netizen


The fun and flirty choker isn’t just the typical accessory.


With a faux leather look that’s attached to her shirt in the front and tied in a bow in the back, the choker exudes a sexy yet girly vibe.


The sexy accessory draws attention to Momo’s bare shoulders and highlights her gorgeous features.


The choker definitely showcases Momo’s sexy side and lends a certain cool girl vibe to her look.


Yet at the same time, it gives her an extra feminine edge.


With an edgy statement piece that lets Momo flaunt her sexy and sweet sides, it’s really no wonder fans can’t get enough!

Source: Instiz