10+ Pictures That Show ASTRO Eunwoo Is Now A Grown-Ass Man

Eunwoo has grown from a beautiful boy into a truly stunning, grown-ass man.

Homepage masters, aka “Homma” are fans that focus on taking photos or videos of stars on their way to performances or concerts rather than on stage to use as content for their personal fan website.

These “Hommas” use this high-quality content on their individual homepage to build a fandom of their own, with popular celebrities having multiple individual homepages.


Naejangtang is a “Homma” who is famous for making zero editing on his photos. As a result, photos taken by Naejangtang often show celebrities from unappealing angles or with their eyes closed.


Despite this fact, ASTRO‘s Eunwoo still looked flawless in his photos without any editing.


On this day, he was sporting a sky-blue coat with a light pink sweater.


Not all men can pull off these colors and look this good!


Naejangtang wrote that not only was his face small, but he was very tall as well.


And, even at that height, he was not the stick-thin type at 180cm.


Eunwoo also apparently has a “large enough” build and charismatic eyes that would make any woman swoon.


Naejangtang described Eunwoo‘s clean-cut hair and appearance as those of one fit to be the son of a wealthy chaebol in a drama.


Even at the golden bell program, his visuals made him stand out.


Now that’s what you call natural good-looks!

Source: Dispatch and Tistory