10 sweetest moments between J-Hope and Suga

After constantly being seen in matching outfits and sharing personal photos of each other from the past, fans have evidence that the boys are closer than ever now. 

J-Hope and Suga, also known as SOPE-ME or YoonSeok, has been a long time ship in the BTS fandom. Despite seeming to have completely different personalities, J-Hope and Suga prove that opposites attract.

With evidence from BTS’ official and shared social media accounts, fans noticed that the two members seem to be spending a lot of time together. Other than sending each other silly private messages, J-Hope and Suga are constantly pictured wearing adorable matching couple outfits.

Suga and J-Hope wore identical camouflage patterned parkas.

The duo wore matching orange tracksuits during a V Live live stream.

They even performed a cover of Homme‘s “I Was Able To Eat Well” in matching floral tops.

To add on to the evidence of their brotherly love, J-Hope recently made a timeline on Twitter of his favorite memories with Suga since 2011 for Suga’s birthday. It is often a tradition for the members of BTS to tweet photos of each other on a member’s birthday, but J-Hope kicked off the tradition for Suga’s birthday this year.

From these photos, it’s clear that the two go way back!

J-Hope and Suga snap a pic together after practice when they were still trainees in July of 2011.

Suga and J-hope took this aegyo-filled picture in the rain back in August of 2012 when rapper Eminem went to Korea. The two were close friends prior to their debut and even went to a concert together!

This picture of Suga and J-Hope was taken in 2013 when the nickname “SyubEnergy” was given. SyubEnergy is Suga’s nickname when he seems to be out of energy.

This barefaced photo of the duo was taken in 2014 during a trip to the Han River. The boys look so cool!

J-Hope mentioned in a tweet that this photo was meant to be a group photo of BTS, but it only captured the two boys! The boys have got each others’ backs!

To complete his timeline of intimate memories with his best friend, J-Hope shares a recent photo of the duo with colorful hair.

J-Hope and Suga are so close, literally!

It’s hard to imagine how two artists that are part of a group as close as BTS couldn’t become best friends. With being in the same “Hyung-line” it’s no wonder that J-Hope and Suga have basically become brothers!