10 Things Jungkook Did That Prove He’s Still A Kid At Heart

It’s been four years since BTS’ maknae debuted.. but that doesn’t mean Jungkook’s stopped being an adorable kid!

He’s definitely not your everyday idol oppa. So don’t call him that!!

Jungkook’s always around to make sure the rest of BTS are still playing hard after all that work!

And has plenty of love to spread around, like the time he found a stray dog!

He’s always getting into trouble, being the mischievous maknae that he is.

But Jungkook gets his revenge in the end by teasing all the members back!

He distracted by the weirdest things ever.. which is what makes him so awesome!

Jungkook the Maknae is always around to make sure his members have fun.

I mean, just look at him playing Avatar: The Last Airbender when he spots a little bit of fire!

There are so many adorable moments of Jungkook showing his kid-heart, but this one… it’s a good one to end with.