10+ Times G-Dragon Lost His Intimidating Aura And Was A Total Sweetheart

King of cool? King of cute!

BIGBANG‘s G-Dragon has a superstar aura that can sometimes make him look intimidating. His broody expression and almost-glare can cut through haters any day.

VIPs know, however, just how much of a sweetheart he actually is. Check out some of G-Dragon’s cutest, non-intimidating photos below!

1. Shy G-Dragon

2. Embarrassed G-Dragon

3. Sweet-smiling G-Dragon

4. Meme-worthy G-Dragon

5. Hiding-behind-TOP G-Dragon

6. “This drink is offensive” G-Dragon

7. Tears of joy G-Dragon

8. “I love my fans” G-Dragon

9. Grateful G-Dragon

10. Boyfriend G-Dragon

11. Puffy cheeks G-Dragon

12. Excited G-Dragon

13. And finally, actual baby G-Dragon