10 Times Minho Wore It Better Than These American Celebrities

SHINee’s Minho has always been known to be rather fashion forward and these hilarious comparison photos of Minho’s outfits and those worn by U.S. celebrities may just be proof.

People everywhere have fallen in love with the handsome Minho! With his unique fashion and adorable smile, Minho has even captured the hearts of the gay community. One blogger took his dedication to a whole new level and compared Minho to delicious foods!

Another blog surfaced, comparing Minho’s outfits to American celebrities’. So, without further ado, we hope you enjoy this twist on the classic “who wore it better” (Minho Edition)!


JLo vs. Minho

Jennifer Lopez tried in vain to copy Minho’s mint green sports outfit.

Better luck next time JLo!

 Chris Brown vs. Minho

Singer Chris Brown donned a golden bow to match Minho’s black and white outfit.

Doesn’t even compare.

 Kris Jenner vs. Minho

Kris Jenner made a decent attempt to copy Minho refreshing mint green outfit.

We all know who wore this one better.

 Kendall Jenner vs. Minho

Looks like the Jenner family has a love for Minho’s outfits.

Kendall Jenner’s imitation of Minho’s Etude outfit doesn’t hold a candle to the original, though.

 Harry Styles vs. Minho

World Premiere Of 'One Direction This Is Us'
Harry Styles seems to have taken a liking to our beloved Minho. His love for Minho is written all over his shirt!

They do say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

 Kim Kardashian vs. Minho

Even Kim Kardashian can’t keep her eyes off Minho.

Kim followed suit when Minho kept it simple with a classic gray turtleneck.

 Kim Kardashian vs. Minho (again)

Kim Kardashian
Kim Kardashian was spotted for the second time copying Minho. Who wore the dress better?

Minho, of course.

Rihanna vs. Minho

Looking good in sunglasses and an oversized blue coat. Sorry, Rihanna, but you must know how this goes by this point in the list.

Minho always wins.

Obama vs. Minho

Obama donned a light blue shirt but ended up looking quite plain. Let Minho show you how it’s done!

That’s better.

 Channing Tatum vs. Minho

Channing Tatum’s weak attempt at Minho’s fashion does not impress. Try again, Channing.

Minho wears no shirt better too.

Who do YOU think wore it better?