10 Videos Of Anime Characters Dancing Expertly To K-Pop

Fans of both Anime and K-POP got creative and meshed both worlds, creating the most epic and hilarious videos ever!

Naruto Characters Dancing To BTS’s “Save Me”Using the software animation, MikuMikuDance, this fan remade the music video of “Save Me”. Just like the original, the background gave off an aesthetic vibe and even the camera panning was on point as well.

Naruto Characters Dancing To BTS’s “DOPE”The creator of this video paid attention to the smallest details of the choreography, making the moves crisp and faithful to the real thing.

Naruto Characters Dancing To EXO’s “Love Me Right”Even with the more complicated choreographies with a lot of detailed hand movements, the animated characters could do them all!

Naruto Characters Dancing To Super Junior’s “Sorry Sorry”Take a look as Team Sharingan vs. Team Akatsuki unleashes in the ultimate dance battle!

Naruto Characters Dancing To T-ARA’s “Sexy Love”The Uchiha Clan from Naruto showed off its gentle side by getting its sexy on!

Naruto Characters Dancing To VIXX’s “Fantasy”Anime characters expressing art and emotion through dance has to be the best thing ever.

Attack On Titan Characters Dancing To PSY’s “GENTLEMAN”

An Attack On Titan “on crack” video as the characters move their hips like they never did before while shirtless.

Dragon Ball Z Characters Dancing To KARA’s “Step It Up”Saiyans step up to their new level of power: dance!

Tokyo Ghoul‘s Ken Kaneki Dancing To Taemin’s “Danger”This video was made without the software animation, making the choreography animation even more impressive and giving the animator the ability to incorporate the Kaneki’s character traits.

Attack On Titan‘s Characters Dancing To SHINHWA’s “This Love”The characters discover their newfound love for dance and become reborn as a legendary boy group.

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