10+ WILDEST K-Pop Merch To Give Your Best Friend For Christmas

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K-Pop is a wonderful, wonderful place filled with the craziest idols and even funnier fans. Nothing exemplifies this more than merch, where companies (officially) and fans (unofficially) release goods in various forms to support their favorites.

This Christmas, consider giving your K-Pop loving best friends outrageous merch to match their outrageous personalities.

Check out some of the wildest examples below!


1. BTS Hangers

Dress up the BTS members with any cardigan, coat, or scarf of your choice using this handy clothes hanger. Seeing their faces as you open your closet will certainly also brighten up your day.


2. Suitcase Cover

Show off your K-Pop pride as you strut your stuff in the airport with this BLACKPINK suitcase cover. Promote the gorgeous faces of Jisoo, Rosé, Jennie, and Lisa while protecting your things at the same time.


3. Multi-Fandom Shirt

Get the best of both worlds with this EXO-labeled, BTS-printed shirt! Multi-fandom friends need this.


4. K-Pop Leggings


Sometimes it’s not enough to have a simple notebook or postcard of your ultimate group…sometimes you need to make sure their faces are seen from miles away.

With these leggings, no one will ever get wrong that your a true K-Pop fan.


5. Baby Onesies

Even babies aren’t immune to the K-Pop fever! If your best friend is only a few months old, consider gifting white this onesie featuring the face of none other than BTS’s Jungkook.


6. Honest Popsockets

Keep your phone gripped tight to your hand while showing off your personal K-Pop philosophy. This popsocket keeps it real, reminding the user that life existed only pre-K-Pop.


7. EXO Phone Cases

Get rid of those simple pastel-colored phone cases with boyfriend-like photos of your bias and get this one instead.

You can feed EXO’s Baekhyun anytime, anywhere with his derp face as your phone cover.

It makes for some memorable photographs as well.


8. “My Biases Are Waking Me Up” Alarm Clock

Never snooze your alarm with this digital alarm clock! You can see the current time displayed plus your favorite group as well.

How could you go back to sleep after seeing your biases refreshing faces?


9. A Half-Cartoon, Half-BTS Shirt

Like the leggings merch, this shirt is for the daring and ultra devoted fans only. The cartoon top half, rookie-era BTS bottom half, and comics sans lettering make it a shirt for those with… special taste.


10. “Surprise!” Shower Curtains

Be motivated to take a shower with Red Velvet‘s Seulgi cheering you on from the shower curtain.

Everyone that uses your bathroom will get the surprise of their lives when they first see this particular merch. Maybe it could be an opportunity to convert them to the K-Pop side?


11. Full-Sized Pillows

There are pillows that have a pciture of your bias and then there are full-sized pillows that you can use to sleep with. They’re as big as the average person, making it a creepy-slash-funny option as a gift.


12. Life Size Cut-Outs

Finally, the list would not be complete without life size cut-outs of K-Pop idols. BTS themselves posed with their doppelgangers, proving the various fun ways the cardboard can be used.

This type of merch can be used for everything from halloween costumes to prom dates.

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If these options are a bit too wild to give your friend as a Christmas gift, try to revisit classic options or DIY your own ideas. They’ll probably love anything you give anyway!