10 Year Old Na Haeun’s ITZY “Dalla Dalla” Dance Cover Is Blowing Everyone’s Mind

Her cover has gone viral.

Soloist Na Haeun has done it again and seriously impressed everyone with her stunning dance cover of ITZY‘s “Dalla Dalla”.


The 10-year-old dance prodigy has been known for her amazing dance skills since the tender age of 6 when she was the youngest auditioner on K-Pop Star 4. She’s gone viral several times thanks to her incredible skills. when she appeared on Happy Together in January she left jaws on the floor with her flawless K-Pop medley performance which included BTS’s “IDOL” and EXO’s “Tempo”. Now she’s gone viral once again with her cover of ITZY’s debut song!


A few days ago, Na Haeun uploaded her dance cover of “Dalla Dalla” to her official YouTube page. Throughout the video, Haeun reaffirmed her dance prodigy title as she nailed all the moves and showed some serious swag.


The video immediately caught everyone’s attention and the views started stacking up! In only 2 days, the video racked up almost 2 million views and the view count continues to go up!


Fans of the younger dancer as well as ITZY stans have already expressed how much they love the cover and still can’t get over how talented this 10-year old is!


Check out the viral sensation in the video below to understand why everyone’s mind is being blown.