This 10 Year Old’s Creative K-Pop Covers Will Blow You Away

This 10-year-old virtuoso has an unbelievable amount of talent for his age.

Plenty of kids can carry a tune…but can they also play the ukelele and arrange their own songs?

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10-year-old Sean Song has an ear for music, to say the least. This multi-talented South Korean musician began posting videos on YouTube in 2014, when he was just 6 years old.


Four years later, he has uploaded dozens of covers and gained over 173, 000 subscribers.


His most viewed K-Pop cover, BLACKPINK‘s “DDU-DU DDU-DU”, has over 277k views!


In addition to singing…


…Sean Song can play multiple string instruments, like the ukelele…


…and the guitar…


…in more than one way!


According to his YouTube bio, Sean Song has never taken a guitar lesson… He is entirely self-taught!


During his January live stream, he said that he currently owns about 10 guitars in total…


…which he uses to spread “hope and happiness” to the world.

“Hello, this is Sean Song from South Korea, here to deliver you happiness and hope.”  — Sean Song


Sean Song plays at a skill level far beyond his years, but his composition abilities are just as impressive as his performance skills. He arranges his songs in complex and beautiful ways that are sure to wow even seasoned musicians.


He works quickly too. Sean Song uploaded this TWICE cover on July 12th, just 3 days after “Dance The Night Away” dropped!


He has used his unique talents to cover many other K-Pop artists, including iKON




…and Wanna One.


In addition to fantastic K-Pop covers, Sean Song also composes original guitar and ukelele instrumentals. He has written over 50 songs, including his first digital single. “Rainy Sunday Morning” is the perfect song to listen to with a cozy cup of tea on a stormy day.


Sean Song isn’t the only talented one in his family either. His little sister had a blast dancing along to his MOMOLAND cover and even has her own YouTube channel!


Want to hear more? You can check out Sean Song’s latest fingerstyle guitar cover here.