100% Pay Tribute To Their Leader, Minwoo, Following His Sudden Passing

100% took time from their Japan concert to remember their leader.

At the “100% SPRING CONCERT 2018 – Blossom” in Japan, 100% took some time to remember their leader, Minwoo.


In March 2018, Minwoo suddenly passed away from cardiac arrest.


Since then, the 100% members and fans alike have been dealing with the loss and, therefore, 100% set aside some time during their Japan concert to cherish the memory of their beloved leader.


The members consoled their fans by projecting a clip of Minwoo while singing “Monochrome” as a tribute song.

“We’d like to sing this song while watching this clip with all of you.” ㅡ Chanyong

“The song is a memory for us, all of you and Minwoo.” ㅡ Rockhyun


And spent time mourning their loss.

“There are 4 of us on stage, but I hope everyone would think that Minwoo is here with us today. There are 5 mics on this stage.” ㅡ Hyukjin


Moreover, all the members gathered together to sing the song “Cherry”, which was the song Minwoo had selected to sing as his solo performance.


Despite the tragedy, the members have provided a good example for their fans by staying strong and comforting them with bright smiles while performing.


Rest in peace, Minwoo, you will surely live on forever in the hearts of your fans and surviving members.


Source: Osen and Naver