What This 101 Year Old Comfort Woman Victim Said Waking Up From Sleep Brings Korea To Tears

Jung Bok Soon, the eldest resident of The House Of Sharing, is celebrating her 101st birthday, and her story brought the Korean nation to tears.

The House Of Sharing is a nursing home designated for comfort women, who were wrongfully enslaved as sexual pleasures for the Japanese imperial army.

Jung Bok Soon was taken by the Japanese imperial army when she was young and trapped in a nightmare as she was forced to live each day as a sex slave.

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She now suffers from Alzheimer’s disease and often wakes up in the middle of the night, desperately looking for her mother.

“Mommy? Where is my mommy? I miss my mother.”

— Jung Bok Soon

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And the fact that she’s losing her will to fight because of a mental disease is bringing tears to Koreans everywhere.

“It is a bittersweet feeling, knowing that she will not remember her traumatic past as a comfort woman due to her illness… I’m saddened that she cannot even remember who she is.”

— Yoon Mee Hyang, CEO of Korean comfort women resolution committee


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She had worked so hard to gain justice for all the victims around the world, but her health fails to aid her cause.

Comfort women survivors are continuously fighting to get a formal recognition for the horrible crimes that were committed to them over 70 years ago.

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However, out of the 239 officially registered comfort women, only 33 of them are still alive today, and they are getting older and weaker by the day.

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The United Nations estimates about 200,000 Korean girls were seized from villages to join Japan’s military sex slavery program before and during the Second World War

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The UN council issued a recommendation urging Japan to sincerely apologize and compensate the comfort women for the abuses committed by the Japanese imperial army.

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To this day, the Japanese government fails to release any sincere apology for the horrid crime, claiming that these women chose to work as sex workers.

Many Korean celebrities support the comfort women with great dignity and responsibility, in hopes for a well-deserved recognition and peace.

Yoo Jae Suk donates 40 million won donation in support of Korean comfort women

Netizens hope that Jung Bok Soon will be able to see justice come to light before she moves on to lay in peace.

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