11 Amazing Songs Of 2016 You’ve Probably Never Heard

From “1 of 1” by SHINee to ” Very nice,” by SEVENTEEN, 2016 was given amazing songs.  However, there are eleven songs that you may have never heard of and wish you had heard sooner.

2016 was an exceptionally good year for K-Pop.  We were given comebacks from all the current and hot idol groups, as well as first generation groups.  However, there were several songs that you might not have known of, but we’re still just as amazing.  Once you hear these songs, you will wonder where you have been all this time.

1. Villain –  “Rainy Night”

Villain is an R&B singer that debuted on December 8 under Planetarium Records.  His debut song “Rainy Night” is a smooth, R&B song with a style that is similar to Zion T. and Dean. However, Villain has separated himself from other R&B artists so early in his career.  Villain’s music is full of serene sounds and relaxing vocals that will make you a fan of this 19-year-old R&b singer.

2. ANDA – “Like Family”

Anda’s song Like Family is an upbeat song that showcases the singer’s vocal abilities.  The song is perfect for a summer day sipping lemonade on the beach and will make you miss those days of swimming in the pool. Like Family is a refreshing and fun, youthful song.

3. Jenny – “Expiration”

“Expiration” is a beautiful song full of piano and amazing vocals. The song is in only English; however, it is enjoyable in any language. Jenny is a singer born in Seoul, and her talent will surely bring her the recognition she deserves. She is currently studying at Berkley in Boston.

4. Ahn Ye Eun-  “Some How”

Ahn Ye Eun is a singer with vocals that will make you fall in love the first ddtime you hear her sing. Her song “Some How,” is excellent proof of her vocal abilities and unique sound that is a mixture of alternative and pop. The piano in the mix also gives the alternative pop song a classical vibe that makes “Some How,” so good.


5. Chancellor – “MURDA” Ft. Dok2

Chancellor and DOK2 are not new names in the industry, so it’s quite surprising that this song is not more known; however it remains as a song worthy of praise. Chancellor’s smooth blend of Korean and English, along with DOK2 impressive rapping skills makes this song so good. The beat is relaxing yet full of excitement, proving that opposites do attract to create an excellent product and Chancellor and DOK2 captured that perfectly.


6. Uhm Jung Hwa- “Watch Me Move”

An individuals age should never bring a stop your dreams, and Uhm Jung Hwa proves that she can still kill it at 47 years old.  “Watch me move,” has an electronic style that is sure to be stuck in your head for months.  Uhm Jung Hwa is not only a talented singer and creates catchy music, but she can also dance. We hope to be killing it at her age.


7. Bolppalgan Puberty- “우주를 줄게”

This song is full of angelic voices and a sweet, romantic style of music. The rap verses also mix well with the singer’s voice and the relaxed style of the song.


8. LOOΠΔ – “ViViD”

Despite not officially debuting yet, LOOΠΔ has released amazing music. Heejin‘s voice is unique and lovely, matching well with the unique style of song. The members of LOOΠΔ will surely enter the industry with a unique style.


9. DAZE – “A Little” 

DAZE’s song “A Little,” consists of heart warming vocals and a very enjoyable beat.  The artist shows his different vocal ranges throughout the song, and the beat even changes.  DAZE tried out various styles with this song, and it came out perfectly.


10. eSNa – “Attention”

Both the Korean and English version of this song showcases eSNa’s wonderful vocal abilities.  “Attention,” is a song that is very soulful and her voice matches perfectly with its style. This song will surely get stuck in your head.

11. The EastLight- “I Am What I Am”

The EastLight has grown popular over the past few weeks due to their amazing cover of K-Pop group BTS‘s song “Blood Sweat & Tears”.  These boys, despite being so young, are full of talent and this song shows just why they are the future of K-Pop.  The song is catchy and easy to like even if you are not a fan of alternative music.