Here Are 11 Chaotic Moments Proving Why PENTAGON Should Never Try An Escape Room Again

Have they even been to one before?

In a recent video from PENTAGON‘s YouTube channel, member Shinwon explained that he wanted to create fun and unique content for their fans this year!

For this episode, the group had to find their way out of a self-made escape room in a video titled “Reckless Interview: Pentagon’s Way Home!”

Here is a look at ten moments from that video that spell “CHAOS.”

1. Shinwon embracing his inner supervillain.

All you need is a swivel chair and a set of glasses to be transported into an action movie.

2. Getting the answer right is not more important than teasing Shinwon!

Where is the fun in breaking out if you cannot have a bit of fun in the process?

3. It seems as if PENTAGON might need a bit of help…

Can someone check if the members actually know what the purpose of an escape room is!

4. Uh, Yuto, that’s not the best way to open a padlock.

Violence is never the answer, and it definitely will not the question behind the lock’s code.

5. Hui seemed to be finding the game very frustrating.

It is why many have said that escape rooms ruin friendships and drive people crazy!

6. It was even worse when Hui actually thought he had the answer.

There was a lot of maths involved just to realize that it was the wrong answer.

7. Things got so tough that Yeo One went to extreme measures.

That is definitely not being a good sport!

8. Hongseok even threatened Shinwon to solve it himself!

When things get tough, take it out on the host and get them to tell you the answer.

9. Poor Yanan was even accused of being a spy.

All he did was stand there and look cute, so where is the hard evidence?

10. Wooseok proved that he is the “King of Reactions.”

He must have been very excited to be able to go home after a hard day of practice.

11. In the end, it was worth it to see two of the eldest members dancing so cutely!

Who needs music to bust out a few dance moves anyway?

You can watch the full video on PENTAGON’s YouTube channel to see who actually manages to escape!