11 GIFS of EXO’s Most Adorable Moments Caught On Camera

When you have nine amazing friends in a group together, things are bound to get silly and downright whacky. This group has never been afraid to show how hilarious they can really be.

There’s no doubt the members of EXO have done some pretty adorable things since their debut! From having dance and high note battles among the group to showcasing their “powers” on various variety shows, these boys have done it all and continue to warm fans’ hearts with their silly personalities.

Back in December, Suho was caught on camera dancing along to Red Velvet‘s “Russian Roulette”, and the video blew up on social media! But, he’s not the only one with a funny bone, we’ve compiled a bunch of EXO’s cutest moments and reasons as to why they’re a fan-favorite.


During the “Love Me Right” promotions, the guys came to the music show, playing football…it didn’t go as planned.


Good ol’ Suho getting his groove on, as usual.


EXO-CBX transform into mean looking cats, but we can’t deny that we love it!


Sehun running away from Suho can only mean one thing…he messed with the wrong leader!


Ladies and gentleman, EXO’s new and improved dancing machine.


The adorable rapper goes straight for the classic finger hearts!


It’s been confirmed…Chen gives the best hugs and we can tell by the way he held Kai in their first reality show, EXO Showtime.


Precious Chanyeol was startled by the special effects, but we’re sure he giggled afterward.


When a fan teased Lay at a fansign, he just couldn’t hide his big smile!


Another talent Baekhyun has is imitating Kai’s dancing.


“This is how it’s really done.”

Although there are even more funny moments that could be included, these sum up EXO pretty well and show off their fun sides every once in awhile! You never what you’re going to get with these guys, which keeps us all on our toes.

Pulling pranks on each other is a must during live shows! / Source: One Hallyu
Pulling pranks on each other is a must during live shows! / Source: One Hallyu