11 Reasons Why TWICE’s Sana Is Called “The Clumsiest Idol”

TWICE‘s Sana is no stranger when it comes to being cute, sexy, and even clumsy.

After seeing Mina’s success with the kendama, Sana attempted the same feat. Unfortunately, it did not turn out so well.

Poor Sana managed to scare herself. Looks like she will never try THAT again!

TWICE made an appearance on My Little Television for the 31st and 32nd episodes. The premise of the show involves users who provide internet broadcasts similar to afreecaTV. With their broadcasting topic as “Korean culture,” the girls decided to play a game of chicken fight.

Watch as Sana loses her balance and drops out for a segment of the game.

The focus of Mnet‘s TWICE’s Elegant Private Life revolved around the daily lives of the young girl group members. On an episode of the show, the group decided to visit an amusement park.

While enjoying a carnival ride, Sana and Chaeyoung lost their grip and slid across the floor.

On November 18th, TWICE rehearsed “TT” for their performance on Music Bank.

As the stage rose, Sana forgot her choreography and scrambled to find her place.

In a bold attempt at aegyo, Sana accidentally hits her leg against a nearby chair.

It must be tough to be this adorable.

Reminiscent of her days on Sixteen, Sana prepared a freshly cooked meal. Excitedly, she brought it closer to the camera for a better view only to spill some of it on the floor.

“I have one order for… the floor!”

The lovely members of TWICE held a mini-fan meeting during Korea’s first snow. As it turns out, it is never too cold to tease your fellow members.

Sana innocently poked Mina on the cheek then accidentally hit her with an umbrella…


TWICE surprised ONCE’s (TWICE fandom) with a surprise broadcast. The moment was perfect as Chaeyoung poured her heart out for fans.

Meanwhile, in the background, clumsy Sana lost her balance and bumped into Tzuyu on the way down.

It looks like Mina is not the only one to have felt the wrath of clumsy Sana twice. At a fan signing event at the Lotte World Mall, TWICE performed “Precious Love.”

Cameras captured a small mixup in choreography among members. In the footage, Sana accidentally bumped into Tzuyu for the second time.

TWICE attended an LG Twins baseball game at the Jamsil Baseball Stadium. Cameras captured Jungyeon and Sana as they cheered for their favorite team.

The two shared a hearty laugh after Sana missed her chair.

Want more? Check out this video of Sana’s clumsiest moments!